April News from the SAS

REGISTER HERE for the 2017 Archaeology Conference in the Cypress Hills!

There’s still time to register for our upcoming 2017 Archaeology Conference with the Archaeological Society of Alberta – Southeastern Centre!

There is space to signup for the conference along with the Saturday Keynote Address and Sunday tours! If you’re interested, visit the Conference Event Page.


Keynote address – Drs. Margaret Kennedy and Brian Reeves

Title: “Ancient Sacrificial Stones, Pyramidal Mounds and Lizards: Early Euro-Canadian Encounters with Indigenous Sites in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Abstract: 2017 is the year of Canada 150 (15,000 according to First Nations) which prompts us to look back into the past and all the history that a sesquicentennial like this comprises. It seems an appropriate time and place at the joint meetings of the SAS/ASA to reflect upon the beginnings of plains archaeology in our provinces, and that has led us to think about the early encounters made by Euro-Canadians with indigenous sites that we now recognize as a significant part of the archaeological landscape in our two provinces. Individuals such as fur trader/surveyor Peter Fidler or the enigmatic priest-impersonator Jean L’Heureux who lived amongst First Nations and recorded aspects of their life and religion, or other visitors on scientific expeditions who had a real interest in indigenous people and sites such as geologist George Mercer Dawson and others, have left us invaluable accounts of features such as petroglyph/ribstone boulders, ceremonial circles and medicine wheels, amongst others. In many cases we rely on their observations since restriction of First Nations people to reserves 100-150 years ago severed their memories of how some of these sites came to be, who created them, how and when they were used and why. Many of these sites have been destroyed, removed or irrevocably changed in years since. Without these first-hand accounts and the limited extant oral and ethnographic traditions to fill in the blanks of 150 years of colonial neglect of First Nation’s heritage, our collective knowledge would be seriously diminished.


RAS Upcoming Workshop

The Regina Archaeological Society will be hosting a Lithic Identification Workshop with Frank McDougall on May 13th, 2017 in Regina. Register on the Workshop Event Page.

Spend a summer with the SAS! Employment Opportunities

We will have (dependent on grant funding) two summer employment opportunities available from May 29th to August 19th, 2017.  See the ads on SaskJobs for qualifications, requirements, and the application procedures:

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