One of our most popular educational tools is our Archaeokits. These kits include authentic and replica prehistoric artifacts and a guide book explaining how each item was used, all housed in a refurbished and extremely sturdy WWII ammunition box.

These unique kits were specifically designed to be a hands-on teaching tool for teachers to use in the classroom when discussing archaeology and past cultures. The artifacts may be used in conjunction with one of our videos or slide talks, to give students a chance to touch an artifact that they might otherwise see only in a picture. The Archaeokits are in high demand during various parts of the school year, so make your request well ahead of when you want it.

Interested in borrowing an Archaeokit?

*Our Archaeokits are currently being refurbished for 2017. Please inquire with us as to availability.

SAS Members (including institutions, organizations, schools and individuals): FREE + Shipping costs
Non-SAS Members: $25 + Shipping Costs

Contact the SAS Office for further information.