Federal Subsidy Advocacy Letter

An important responsibility we have is ensuring the financial sustainability of the Society. The economic ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have already been felt. For March and April, our self-generated revenue declined by 75% and 95% over the same periods from last year.

One way we hope to offset this income loss is by applying for the Federal subsides for which we are eligible. However, the Administration Centre for Sport, Culture and Recreation use a single Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account number to process our payroll along with other organizations. Having an individual CRA payroll account number is not listed as an eligibility criterion but is a requirement to initiate the online application. As such, the SAS, and many other nonprofits, have not been unable to apply for any federal assistance. SaskCulture, along with their partners have been advocating for the CRA to adapt their process and were recently informed that this requires a legislation change. One action you can take to support the SAS, and other nonprofits caught in this situation is to advance this issue with the Federal Ministers to have it addressed and resolved.

Minister’s Contact Information
Bill Morneau – Minister of Finance
Mona Fortier, Associate Minister of Finance
Sean Fraser, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance
Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue (and Minister responsible for CRA)
Filomena Tassi, Minister of Labour

We also encourage you to send the letter to your local Member of Parliament. To find out who represents you, visit this page to enter your Postal Code or Constituency name.

Google Document of the Letter – download, add in your name, date and the Minister to whom you are sending it.

Thank you for supporting the SAS and other non-profit organizations!