Eagle Creek Historical Society

Submitted by Betty McFarlane

I didn’t realize people were collecting archaeology artifacts in the Harris area until 1978. At that time, I decided to attend the SAS seminar in Harris. Wayne Pendree was the instructor for this seminar and provided a lot of information regarding archaeology. Pendree also took us to the Harris Sandhills and showed us the archaeology basics. In 1980 the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act was passed. Some of us took out a permit that year and I have continued. Both Pendree and Pat Froese assisted us. Some of us joined the Biggar Bear Hills Chapter. By 1985, we decided to have a Chapter at Harris. Our first Chapter meeting was held at Harris on April 30, 1985. Ten people were present. We formed a Society and name it “Harris Heritage & Preservation Society”. By 1986 we had 24 members from Harris, Zealandia, Vanscoy, and Rosetown. Later Perdue, Biggar, Herschel, Plenty, and Wartime joined us. In 1988, we changed our name to “Eagle Creek Historical Society” to reflect our membership area and our Eagle Creek. We developed a Constitution and applied to become a member of the SAS.

In 1989, the Eagle Creek Historical Society and Harris & District Museum agreed to work together in order to develop a museum building. A special area was set aside for the Each Creek Historical Society and it continues. Most artifacts are from the Harris area.

The current Chapter Representative for the Eagle Creek Historical Society is Sharon Farrell.

I grew up on a cattle farm 20 miles southwest of Biggar, SK and for the past 40 years have worked as a registered medical technician in labs in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Presently I am working part-time in the Rosetown-Elrose area.

My mother Joyce Farrell and I took avocational training in archaeology in the 1970s at Duperow Hall. This was followed by an avocational training dig at Biggar Bone site, headed by Terry Gibson. This group of people formed the Bear Hills Chapter. My mother had a lifetime of artifact collections from the family farm and recorded many sites in the area.

While working full-time in Calgary I took many archaeology night classes at the University of Calgary over a 20-year period. I am now enjoying being a member of the Eagle Creek Historical Society and being a chapter representative.

To contact the Eagle Creek Historical Society, you can email Sharon.