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The current First Vice-President of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is Dr. Margaret Kennedy.

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the U of S and have taught there since 1993. I am interested in all things archaeological in the province but if faced with the decision of whether to pick up a Clovis point or broken English ceramics or tin cans in a field setting, it must be admitted I am likely to pick up the latter first!

My interests in Historical Archaeology over the years have included the buffalo robe/whiskey trade, Métis wintering villages, the contact period in Saskatchewan and early EuroCanadian settlement. In recent years I have explored different aspects of early farmsteads and ethnic communities in Saskatchewan through a number of research excavations as well as with my field school students. My research in Saskatchewan has taken place in the Saskatoon region as well as Cypress Hills and Wood Mountain. Currently my interests are locked on the impressive archaeology found at Cabri Lake where I am engaged in a multiyear archaeological inventory project in conjunction with Chris and Laura Foley, as well as the Forks of the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan rivers, another long-term project I have been involved in over the last few years with Brian Reeves of Alberta.

I served as a board member on the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for many years and am currently a director of the Saskatoon Archaeological Society.

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