June News from the SAS

June is National Indigenous History Month and the 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day!

SAS Update

As of May 15th, 2020, all Saskatchewan Archaeological Society programs, services, and outreach are officially postponed or cancelled for Summer 2020 (May to August).

This includes ArchaeoCaravan programs and outreach events, the excavation field school at Fort Carlton Provincial Park, the Annual Chapter BBQ, the Annual Gathering, the Annual General Meeting, Archaeokit rentals, library book borrowing, and workshops.

Online educational resources and our Kid’s Activity page are available on our website right now! We hope to add more online content in the coming months. The Den of Antiquity website store is also still available to purchase books and the fur trade game. If you live in Saskatoon, take advantage of our free, contact-less delivery option!

We anticipate having a Virtual Annual General Meeting sometime during the fall of 2020. More information regarding details and the date will be found in the August edition of the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly and online later this summer.

The Archaeology Centre (1-1730 Quebec Avenue, Saskatoon) will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future. Staff are available via email and phone. Please note that it may take a few days to respond to phone messages.

Now for something different!

We want to hear from YOU! How do you want to stay connected with us when we can’t meet physically? Adjusting programs to meet current needs is always essential for an organization, but now it’s more important than ever. Please take just a few minutes to fill out the questions below and submit them to us. Select all that apply!
If you would like any of the above options, please leave your email address so we can follow-up with you!
Or, if you have more time and want to – tell us some stories! We'd love to hear about your archaeological experiences whether it’s 1-2 paragraphs or 1-2 pages. Below is a list of some topics or story-starters. Submissions may be published in an upcoming issue of the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly and/or on our social media. You can request anonymity if it’s a juicy one! Simply send your write-up and any associated images to the SAS office using this form!
  • What first made you interested in archaeology? Was it an artifact? A site?
  • Who was influential in making you interested in history? A family member, a neighbor, teacher?
  • Share a humorous or serious story from an adventure during fieldwork (names and location details can be changed for privacy reasons).
  • What's the most unique thing you've found? Share a photo or sketch of it, and what you learned about it.
  • Describe your favourite memory of a holiday location where you learned something new about history.
  • Have you tried flintknapping, making pottery, tanning hides, or other creative skills? What did you learn?
  • Do you have an artifact that you need help identifying? Share a photo or sketch of it (with a scale) and we'll distribute it to our experts.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Add your pictures here!

2020 Online Competition: Keith Lewis Memorial Student Presentation Award

This award is presented to an undergraduate and a graduate student each year at our Annual Gathering. However, since the Gathering has been cancelled in 2020, we have adapted the presentation award to an online edition! Visit the Award page for more information and the submission form! The deadline for entry is June 30, 2020.

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