Northwest Archaeological Society

In 2001, not wanting to travel to sites in the northwest alone, a few SAS members decided to see if there was enough interest in forming a Chapter of the SAS so they would have some company and not be alone and lost in the fields. In June, letters of invitation were sent to many current and past SAS members in northwest Saskatchewan. A meeting was called in North Battleford at the United Church on June 20, 2001, and 18 people attended. Jeff Baldwin gave a presentation on the discoveries at Wally’s Beach site in southwestern Alberta. Tim Jones discussed the guidelines for forming a Chapter, indicated financial support was available and discussed activities we might pursue. The first Executive was selected as follows:

Chair – Jeff Baldwin
Secretary – Paulette Haywood
Treasurer – Laura Ruby-Stade
Directors – Winston Tait, Julian Sadlowski and Lloyd How

Our membership soon included past members from the autonomous Midwest Archaeological Society who were previously active in the Cut Knife and Maidstone areas. These experienced members helped in locating and identifying numerous sites in the area for us to visit. A close association also developed with the Allen Sapp Gallery in North Battleford, where we were able to use space in the Gallery and the Chapter members helped with activities and provided public education opportunities.

We spent the first seven years visiting local sites and eventually started recording sites. Since 2010, we have expanded our activities to also include speakers to present on topics of interest to the members.

The Northwest Archaeological Society has dissolved.