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The current Past-President of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is Leanne Belsham.

I was born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia. I moved to Manitoba to attend university to study anthropology. I had a 5-year plan that turned into 20 years! For the last 10 years I was employed as a Project Archaeologist/Project Coordinator at Western Heritage. I now reside in Vancouver to be closer to family and have directed my career toward the financial industry; however, I maintain my passion for archaeology now as a volunteer.

My grade seven social studies teacher encouraged the class to study Greek and Roman cultures, which triggered my interest in learning about people and their histories. I loved learning about other cultures so while in high school I would select a culture to study each summer. I really enjoyed the Anthropology and Archaeology courses at my local college. I finally felt accepted as a woman in a profession that encourages many perspectives to learn about our past. I planned to become a Cultural Anthropologist but met resistance from a professor who noted that because I am a woman and married that I would have trouble with my career. So I introduced myself to the archaeologist at Brandon University, Dr. Bev Nicholson, who welcomed me and encouraged me to volunteer in the archaeology lab. The rest is history as they say.