A Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology


From Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Government of Saskatchewan:

In 2005, a unique resource to explore Saskatchewan’s archaeological history was developed for the province’s centennial celebration.  A Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology is a large, full-colour, double-sided poster, packed with information on the archaeology of our province.  The project was a collaborative effort between members of the Saskatchewan Association of Professional Archaeologists (SAPA) and the former Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation (now the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport).

In 2020, working with the Heritage Conservation Branch, the SAS has updated the Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology to reflect a further 15 years of newly recorded archaeological sites.

Approximately 24,000 archaeological sites are displayed on the detailed, three-dimensional map of the Saskatchewan landscape.  As well, to promote cultural and heritage tourism, a number of archaeological sites and museums are recommended for public tours, providing insight into First Nations, Métis and European cultures of the past.  A timeline of human life in the province over the last 12,000 years is illustrated with sketches and photographs of artifacts and sites specific to Saskatchewan.

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2nd Edition
© Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, 2020

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