A Short History of Indians in Canada


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A flock of Indians has just flown smack into the side of a BayStreet skyscraper. Again. It’s up to Bill and Rudy to tag the live ones, nursethem to health at the shelter and release them back into the wild.Thomas King is back in fabulous, fantastical form in this latestcollection of short stories, some new, some previously published. Compiled in acomic tour de force, all of the selections in A Short History ofIndians in Canada are showcases for King’s wholly original brand ofimagination and wit. In 20 tales, King pokes a sharp stick into the gears of thenative myth-making machine, slyly exposing the raw underbelly of both historicaland contemporary native-white relationships. Through the laughter, these storiesshimmer brightly with the universal truths that unite us

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Thomas King
© 2005

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