Boulder Monuments of Saskatchewan


Boulder Monuments of Saskatchewan discusses Saskatchewan’s 33 major such configurations, providing a classification of each according to themes and possible or known functions. Comparisons are made with similar sites throughout the Northern Plains, utilizing historical and ethnographic information in order to further our understanding of the motivations and purposes that may have stimulated the creation of these features. This study also discusses some of the many questions that need to be addressed through future research. The volume is illustrated with 134 line drawings, 10 black and white photographs, 16 colour photographs, and 11 tables.

As agricultural and other activities alter the face of the remaining native prairie, we are constantly losing surface archaeological sites – tipi rings, cairns, medicine wheel and effigy figures, and other boulder monuments. This book is meant to further the ongoing educational effort that needs to be carried out to preserve and protect these wonderful, unique and precious sites.



G. Ian Brace
© 2005

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