In Search of Ancient Alberta



Once, Alberta was a seacoast, a jungle, an ice-bound wasteland. Once, dinosaurs ruled its steamy lowland swamps. Once, mastodons and mammoths commanded a vast American veldt. Once, resourceful people trekked along the edge of the mountains and discovered a wondrous new world. Once, they hunted great bison, gathered medicines, sought visions.

In short, Alberta is an ancient place, far older than history, but its past has not vanished. Indeed, in few places is the primeval world so spectacularly evident. And now, today’s time travelers can discover its remarkable geology, paleontology and archaeology in the new and expanded edition of In Search of Ancient Alberta, by award-winning authors Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway.

Elegantly designed, with more than 500 photographs, this guide completes a trilogy on Western Canada’s ancient past, including In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland, on Manitoba, which spent 18 weeks on the McNally Robinson Bestsellers’ List in 2015.



Barbara Huck & Doug Whiteway
© 2016 Second Edition

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