Long Ago Today: The Story of Saskatchewan’s Earliest Peoples


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When does human history in Saskatchewan begin? With the homesteaders? With Henry Kelsey’s explorations of 300 years ago?

No – we must go back much further to tell the full story!

Long Ago Today is a book about Saskatchewan’s and western Canada’s earliest peoples and their lifestyles, and about the science of the human past – archaeology – which helps bring them to life today. However, this book is not a dusty account; it gives insight into this rich heritage in a unique and entertaining way. It presents:

-a non-technical explanation of archaeology
-an up-to-date picture of the prehistory of Saskatchewan, -including descriptions and illustrations of the main types of artifacts and sites found here
-a series of fictional, but true-to-life stories set in the distant past, to engage your imagination
-information on how you can learn more, and become -involved in archaeological conservation

This book will help you experience, both through learning scientific facts and through your own imagination, the sights and smells and sounds, and even the emotions, of ancient events and human activities. It will give you new appreciation for the skills, talents and intelligence of the peoples who first called this land “home” long, long ago.

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Henry T. Epp
© 1991

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