Medicine Wheels of the Plains and Rocky Mountains


From CAA:

With contributions from John Brumley, Ted Birnie, Rebecca Kallevig, Barry Dau, Trevor Peck, Dean Wetzel, Brian Reeves and Margaret Kennedy

This volume begins with an introduction to the classification of Medicine Wheels. Chapters on the Many Island Lake (EbOm-1), Ellis (EcOp-4), Dark Horse (EdOc-38), and Twin Peaks (EcOp-15) Medicine Wheels, along with features from the Benjamin Ranch, Lone Antelope, and Long sites. A compendium of Medicine Wheels of the Plains and Rocky Mountains completes this volume.

Soft Cover, 385 pages with map foldout, 2018. ISBN 978-0-9810291-8-4



Occasional Papers of the Archaeological Society of Alberta
Volume 15. Second Edition
© 2018

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