Keith Lewis Memorial Student Presentation Award

In 2015, the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS) began offering both an undergraduate and graduate student presentation award at our Annual Gathering. It was named in honour of Keith Lewis, a founding member of the Pipestone Archaeological Society. Keith passed away suddenly on February 21, 2014 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the time, he as an SAS board member and the Chair of the Conservation Committee. This award, established by the Pipestone Archaeological Society, the Lewis Family, and the SAS was our way to remember Keith and share his passion for learning. It is bestowed for the best undergraduate and the best graduate presentations at the Annual Gathering. In addition to a monetary prize, the winner’s names are inscribed on a plaque residing at the SAS office and a short article is submitted for publication in the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly. Past recipients of the Award can be found here.

2020 Online Edition:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the SAS has cancelled the 2020 Annual Gathering, but we still want to give students the opportunity to present their research. For this reason, we are introducing a virtual Keith Lewis Memorial Student Presentation Award!

Eligibility: This competition is open to any college or university student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited institution in Canada.

Benefits: By participating, students will be:

  1. Able to share their research and interests with a wide audience including the general public as well Saskatchewan Archaeological Society members,
  2. Eligible for the prize relevant to their program,
  3. Eligible to submit an article for publication in an upcoming edition of the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly if they are the winning recipients,
  4. Acknowledged as recipients of the Keith Lewis Memorial Student Presentation Award in perpetuity.

Application: Students are to submit the completed application form along with a five-ten minute video presentation on a topic relevant to archaeology or a related topic such as history or anthropology. The subject matter can be a class term paper or presentation, or an original research topic.


  1. Presentations should be on some aspect of Canadian archaeology or anthropology. Preference will be given to those focused on the prairie provinces in Canada.
  2. Presentations will be original research and not a compilation of videos and content taken from the internet. Original research can include work completed as part of post-secondary class (e.g., term papers, presentations, etc.) or original thesis research.
  3. Students can submit up to 5 video files (64 MB) or a link to where their presentation has been posted.
  4. Students must also complete a media release form found on the submission page.
  5. Students are also required to ensure that they have copyright permission to share photos, maps, and any other images used in their presentations. The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is not liable for any copyright infringement.
  6. By submitting your video and signing the media release form, the applicant acknowledges that they have obtained the requisite copyrights and permissions for any and all images and documents used in their presentation.
  7. Winners are encouraged to submit an article on their presentation/research to the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly by October 31, 2020.

Please note that any opinions and comments expressed in the videos do not represent those of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society.

Award Selection, Notification and Announcement: An adjudication committee will assess the submissions based on content and delivery. Award winners will be notified by email and monetary prizes will be distributed through the mail. Winning presentations and any honourable mentions will be uploaded on the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society website and across SAS social media platforms. Results will be published in the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly.

Deadline: The application deadline for 2020 has now closed.