ArchaeoCaravan-Museums Program

The Spring and Summer of 2012 marked the inaugural year of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society’s ArchaeoCaravan-Museums Program.  The ArchaeoCaravan was designed to assist Saskatchewan museums with their collections in terms of identification and interpretation and to educate school groups and the general public on the province’s archaeological heritage.  During the first year, the ArchaeoCaravan visited school groups and museums in the West Central and Quill Plains Museum Networks.

A typical day with the ArchaeoCaravan included school groups during the day with a public event in the late afternoons and early evenings.  It was usually set up outside or in the host museum and included an introductory lecture for the kids with activities such as atlatl throwing, rock art, pottery, etc.  Displays were set up for the entire day and the public was encouraged to stop by with questions or unknown artifacts for identification.  ArchaeoCaravan employees also toured the local museum and helped to identify artifacts as well as made recommendations on conservation and display.

The 2013 ArchaeoCaravan travelled through the Seneca Root, Parkland, Qu’Appelle Valley and South East Museum Networks!

In 2014, the ArchaeoCaravan visited communities and museums in the Heritage Heartland, Prairie Trails and South Central Museum Networks.

2015 marked our first journey into Northern Saskatchewan! The ArchaeoCaravan crew headed into the North West and River Valley Museum Networks.

In 2016, the ArchaeoCaravan will travel to northeastern Saskatchewan to visit communities and museums in the North East museum network! Thank you to all the museums and communities who hosted us this year!

Our ArchaeoCaravan-Museums program has now wrapped up. If your community or museum is interested in our ArchaeoCaravan and its associated activities, please contact us.

Check out the map below to see when the ArchaeoCaravan was in your area!
For any additional information, please contact the SAS office.

Our program would never have been a success without the support of our sponsors! With their help we travelled to over 60 communities and brought the program to over 10,000 people!

ArchaeoCaravan-Museums Program Sponsors (2012-2016)

ArchaeoCaravan Activities

Our ArchaeoCaravan program includes a number of activities:

  • Rock Art
  • Ceramic Reconstruction
  • Pottery Making
  • Atlatl & Bison Hunt

The ArchaeoCaravan program also included an “Introduction to Saskatchewan Archaeology” talk and displays with authentic artifacts.

If you are interested in borrowing/renting any of these activities or if you would like us to bring the ArchaeoCaravan to your community and/or classroom, please contact us.