The ArchaeoKits are designed as a hands-on learning tool for teaching archaeology in the classroom. Supplementary resources include video and PowerPoint presentations. There are four Saskatchewan Archaeology ArchaeoKits and one Historic Archaeology ArchaeoKit.

The ArchaeoKits are an excellent resource for teachers in classrooms or students of archaeology as a study resource. These educational resources are in high demand during parts of the school year, so make your request as early as possible.

We are updating our ArchaeoKits! Our new ArchaeoKits have more artifacts, including the entire Projectile Point typology of Saskatchewan. Also, there are more bone tools, composite tools, and more varied stone materials, such as brown chalcedony, quartzite, obsidian, chert, and silicified oil shale. The ArchaeoKits include ethnographic artifact replicas, such as reed dolls and sweetgrass. The ArchaeoKits include some of the cultural materials that are often left out of the archaeological record, but are still vital to First Nations peoples’ culture and way of life. We hope to include curriculum content for the ArchaeoKits in the future.

We will have a special promotion for the 2020 school year. If you reserve an ArchaeoKit for the upcoming school year we will include a FREE copy of Tim E.H. Jones’ “The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of the Churchill River” (2006). This concise book contains Tim E.H. Jones’ findings from his Master’s Thesis and includes maps, illustrations, photographs and interpretations of the Churchill River pictographs. This book uniquely brings together art and science.

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