One of the primary purposes of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is education, both for teachers and their students, and for the general public. In addition to our publications, we have produced a number of other archaeology teaching and learning materials, available free of charge to our members, and by rental to non-members.

  • If you wish to acquire visual materials to further enhance either your own learning, or that of your students, we likely have what you need, please contact us.
  • We have created kits comprised of the main kinds of prehistoric artifacts found on the northern Plains, called Archaeokits, which provide actual and replica artifacts used by past cultures in this part of the continent.
  • We also have educational resource kits on archaeology for rent (free for members).  Please refer to our Archaeokits section.
  • Our archaeological web links page contains links to websites that may be of use to teachers, educators, and students interested in archaeology.
  • Kids! Need something to do?! Check out some colouring pages and word searches plus other activities on our NEW Kid’s Activities page!

Students taking part in the rock painting activity from our ArchaeoCaravan.
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