The current Treasurer of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is Karmen VanderZwan.

I have been involved with the SAS in some capacity since 2010, when I was hired on as one of the summer students and excavated at South Branch House. Since then I have volunteered as a member of the Programs committee, the Safety Compliance committee, and as the Saskatoon Chapter rep for the last four years. I served as the interim Treasurer and chair of the Finance and Granting committee from June 2021 until April 2022. I look forward to gaining more experience in this position and serving the members of the SAS.

Outside the SAS, I am a professional archaeologist, currently working at Canada North Environmental Services in Saskatoon. I have 14 years experience in cultural resource management and I obtained both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.

Even though I have worked on a wide variety of sites across much of western Canada and Ontario, my most memorable and fulfilling experiences as an archaeologist have been working on public archaeology projects, with volunteers of all ages, right here in Saskatchewan. I feel that public archaeology serves as a way to connect people to history and fosters an appreciation for places, people of the past, and the material culture left behind.