Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecture Series

In Memory of Jessie Caldwell (1901 to 1990)

A former University of Saskatchewan Alumna and a prominent figure in local, provincial and national affairs, Jessie Caldwell’s various accomplishments have earned her the honorary recognition as an outstanding citizen by the City of Saskatoon as well as a placement in the “Canadian Who’s Who” biographical listings.   Some of Caldwell’s achievements include the first women to be elected to the University of Saskatchewan Senate (1929-50), the first women to be appointed to the National Film Board of Canada (1950-56) and the first vice-president of the United Nations Association of Canada.  She also held distinguished positions in the local, provincial and national Councils of Women.

Aside from her many notable achievements, Caldwell also had a keen, personal interest in the field of archaeology.  Not only was she a member of the Saskatoon Archaeological Society (1939-1990) and an honorary life member of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, but she also held several executive positions within the Saskatoon Archaeological Society, such as President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Her collections are now housed in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Every March, the Saskatoon Archaeological Society hosts the “Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecture” with invited speakers to honour Jessie’s contributions and legacy.

Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecturers:

2022: David Meyer (Professor Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan) “The Archaeology of Fort de la Rivière Tremblante: A Stepping-Stone in the Origins of the Métis Society”
2021: Jennifer Harty (United States Air Force) “An American Recovery – The Return of an American MIA Pilot from South-East Asia”
2020: Jill Taylor-Hollings (Lakehead University) “Archaeology of the Miskweyaabiziibee (Bloodvein River) in Northwestern Ontario: Part of Canada’s Newest UNESCO World Heritage Site
2019: Paul Hackett (University of Saskatchewan) “Historical Epidemics in the Fur Trade West: Implications for Archaeological Practice
2018: Mary Malainey (Brandon University) “Archaeological Science and the Archaeologist
2017: Colin Laroque (University of Saskatchewan) “The Intertwining Branches of Dendroarchaeology: Exploring Cultural and Built Heritage
2015: Leland Bement (Oklahoma Archaeological Survey) “Large-Scale Bison Hunting at the Beaver River Complex, Southern Plains of North America Or, Who Left all these Animal Bones in these Gullies and Why Am I Cleaning Them Out?”
2014: Tim Rast (Newfoundland & Labrador) “Recreating the Ancient Arctic: The story of an arrow, harpoon and drum”
2013: Nathan Friesen (Heritage Conservation Branch) “Stone Features of the Northern Plains in the Cultural and Natural Landscape
2012: Bill Waiser (Department of History, University of Saskatchewan) “Park Prisoners… The Use of Internment Labour in Western Canada’s National Parks and Their Legacy”
2011: Dale Walde (Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary) “Four Field Seasons at the Cluny Site: A Few Answers and Many More Questions
2010: Ernest Walker (Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan) “Imagining the West: The Archaeology of Roan Mare Coulee
2009: Jack Brink (Royal Alberta Museum) “New Research into Rock Art Preservation at Writing-On-Stone Park, Alberta”
2008: Chris Kent (Department of History, University of Saskatchewan) “How to Dress Like A Victorian Gentleman
2007: Elizabeth Robertson (Department of Archaeology, University of Saskatchewan) “Archaeological Conservation Methods During Excavations at Harappa (Pakistan)
2006: Chris Foley and Laura Foley (University of Saskatchewan) “Neolithic and Early Dynastic Periods in Egypt
2005: Michele Daviau (Wilfred Laurier University) “Towns and Temples in Iron Age Moab (Jordan)
2003: David Meyer (University of Saskatchewan) “Archaeology, Geoarchaeology and Paleoenvironment: The 9000 years of the SCAPE Project at the Saskatchewan River Forks, the Western Cypress Hills, and the Lauder Sandhills
2001: Butch Amundson (Stantec)
2000: Brian Scribe (First Nations Liaison, Archaeological Resource Management Service, Government of Saskatchewan) “First Nations Involvement and Views on Archaeology
1999: Ernest Walker (University of Saskatchewan) “The Role of Bioarchaeology in Modern Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Investigation
1998: Persis Clarkson (Department of Anthropology, University of Winnipeg) “Stone Configurations and Glyphs on the Ground in Chile
1997: Margaret Hanna (Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History) “Ancient Landscape Usage at Chambery Coulee near Eastend
1995: Jack Ives (Archaeological Survey of Alberta, Provincial Museum of Alberta) “Bridge of the Black Dragon: Paleolithic Archaeological Sites in North Western China
1994: Tim Tokaryk (Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History) – Scotty the T-Rex
1993: Owen Beattie (Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta) – The Franklin Expedition
1992: Jack Brink (Provincial Museum of Alberta) “Buffalo Jumps on the High Plains: The Story of Head-Smashed-In
1991: Ernest Walker (Department of Archaeology, University of Saskatchewan) “Archaeology in the Saskatoon Area” *Inaugural Lecture*

Donations for the Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecture

The Saskatoon Archaeological Society would like to invite speakers from other parts of Canada for our annual Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecture. However, for us to secure the best speakers possible, we will require your assistance. As such, the Saskatoon Archaeological Society is calling out to its members for donations. We are recognized as a Charitable Organization and will be able to issue you a receipt for Income Tax purposes. To donate to this fund, please contact us.