Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS) is dedicated to the education and conservation of archaeology. SAS promotes responsible stewardship of Saskatchewan’s rich and diverse archaeological heritage. Click the links for a complete copy of the Society’s Bylaws and Policies.


Our Mission: Connecting Saskatchewan’s Past To You.

Our Vision: You have a deep understanding of archaeology, recognize its value, and support the preservation of this heritage resource.

Our Values: We value and respect:

  • CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION – Archaeology helps tell the Saskatchewan story. We are committed to scientific principles and traditional knowledge, and we adhere to the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act.
  • GOOD GOVERNANCE – we operate with integrity and are transparent in all our actions. We respect one another and are amicable in our relationships with all. We work professionally, selflessly, ethically and democratically.
  • INDIGENOUS CULTURES – we respect Indigenous cultures, and encourage First Nations and Métis participation in our programming, services and decision-making. We are mindful of the Duty to Consult and Accommodate, and we consider oral and other cultural traditions in our work.
  • A UNIFIED MESSAGE – we strive to be clear in our messaging about our common purpose.
  • CLEAR DIRECTION – Our goals and objectives are comprehensive and are examined periodically to ensure we are on track.
  • ENGAGED AUDIENCES – we strive to educate and engage the public in the wonder of Saskatchewan archaeology.
  • FLEXIBILITY – we are open to new ideas and aim to keep our programming current and relevant to our stakeholders.
  • DIVERSITY – we seek diversity and the inclusion of all cultures in our organization – on our Board and staff, in our membership and in the participants of our programs. A range of expertise and thinking helps us to do our job.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – we strive to make information and resources related to archeology widely available to all interested parties.
  • OUR PEOPLE – the Board and staff work together cooperatively. We trust our staff and value their contributions to the organization. Our members help us to fulfill our mission and are critical to achieving the SAS Vision.

The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS) is the provincial society for archaeology in the province of Saskatchewan. We promote public education and research and advocate for conservation. Members include both avocational and professional archaeologists.

One of the primary purposes of the SAS is education. To this end, we help teachers educate young people about archaeology and the rich heritage left to us by our province’s first peoples and other cultures.

To see the SAS Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, click here. The full version of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan is available here.

To see our 2016-2019 Diversity Plan, click here.

2021 Annual Report

Archaeology in Saskatchewan

People have lived in Saskatchewan for at least 12,000 years, leaving the province richly endowed with both precontact (that is, pre-1690 A.D.) and historical (contact) archaeological resources. At present, the Saskatchewan Heritage Conservation Branch, the government agency which has responsibility for managing the archaeological resources of Saskatchewan and for maintaining the official archaeological site files, has approximately 25,000 sites on record.

The Heritage Conservation Branch (of the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport) staff review archaeological work in the province and issue permits for surveys, field reconnaissance, and excavation. One type of permit that they issue is called the Type B or Avocational Archaeologist Permit. These permits are issued to non-professionals who are interested in reporting, recording, and protecting sites. For more information on these permits and to download their forms click on Archaeology Permits.

Archaeological resources are protected under a provincial Act that was passed in 1980. To review the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act click here.

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SAS Chapters

SAS chapters are active across the expanse of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. All chapters host various events throughout the year. To find out if there is a Chapter of the SAS in your area, visit our Chapter page.