Membership in the SAS is open to everyone agreeing to our objectives and values, which include acting as responsible stewards of Saskatchewan’s rich archaeological heritage, which dates back over 10,000 years. You do not have to know anything about archaeology or its methods to join the Society and to support its work.

Membership is on a calendar year basis, and includes a subscription to the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly, and other privileges such as use of the Society’s lending library, educational resources, Archaeokits, and access to special events.

Benefits of Membership:

Your paid membership with the SAS includes these valuable benefits and services:

  • Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly, published quarterly, which presents the results of current research and discoveries in Saskatchewan Archaeology.
  • Placement on our mailing list to receive all regular and special mail-outs on books and merchandise available from our “Den of Antiquity” Bookstore, our newest publications on Saskatchewan archaeological sites (including our annual journal), volunteer opportunities, and special events.
  • Access to our extensive library holdings which include books, reports, manuscripts, journals, slide presentations and videos.
  • Access to teaching aids such as artifact replicas, “Archaeokits” and displays.
  • The opportunity to be involved in one of our active committees working in support of heritage education and conservation.
  • Financial assistance provided for affiliated Chapters (each of which has its own program of regular meetings, field trips and talks) and members. To learn more about Member Funding Grants, click here.
  • Help in identifying artifacts, and talks on archaeology to interested groups (subject to availability of human and other resources).
  • Access to events and activities during the year.

Membership Categories & Rates:

All costs are given in Canadian Dollars.

The SAS is now offering two options to receive the Quarterly! Chose the “Print” option to receive a printed copy of the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly in the mail or save $5 off your membership by choosing the “Green” option to receive a PDF copy to your inbox.

For a form-fillable PDF membership form to download and send in, click here.