Kid’s Activities

Have some fun and learn more about archaeology!

Colouring Pages

The following PDF images will open in a new window and are available for download. Print them out and colour them! Thanks to Sandra Walker, the artist who created them for us:

Here’s some more colouring pages:


Draw your own pottery designs! How would you decorate these pottery vessels?

Word Search Puzzles

Can you find the words in these archaeology-themed word searches?

Curriculum-Based Activities

Have you checked out our Saskatchewan Education curriculum document, A Teaching Guide to Saskatchewan Archaeology? The activities best suit students in Grades 4-9. To see where each activity fits into the provincial curriculum, you can view the main lesson plan document here. Here’s a list of the different activities found in our Teaching Guide PDF.

  • Activity A: Stratigraphy – The Levels of a Site
  • Activity B: Rock Art Project
  • Activity C: Trading Activity – now available as a fun and award-winning card game!
  • Activity D: Pottery Making
  • Activity E: Ceramic Challenge
  • Activity F: Learning About Language
  • Activity G: Archaeology Lab Activity
  • Activity H: Can You Think Like an Archaeologist?
  • Activity I: Mapping an Archaeological Site and Surface Survey
  • Activity J: What Are These Tools Used For?
  • Activity K: Music History Seriation
  • Activity L: The Life of an Artifact – A Story

Most of the above activities can be done with objects found in the home or the associated activity sheets found in our Teaching Guide PDF.

Archaeology Websites

There’s so much information about archaeology out on the internet! Check out some of these pages for more information!

There’s even more archaeology information, especially about Saskatchewan, on our Educational Resources page.